Living Effectively with Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to Bipolarity – Now Accepting New Patients for 2023/4

Psychologist based treatment in Sydney for Bipolar Disorder (BD)

Jo Leidreiter is a registered psychologist in private practice offering focused psychological strategies and support for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder and related Mood Disorders:

  • Do you have Bipolar Disorder?
  • Do you suffer from recurrent Depression?
  • Have you been recently diagnosed?
  • Are you struggling to come to terms with your diagnosis?
  • Does your life swing from one extreme to another? One crisis to another?
  • Is your illness impacting your work and social life?
  • Are you looking for effective strategies to deal with your disorder?
  • Do you need more support other than just medication?

If you have Bipolar Disorder most people question their ability to create a life with fewer periods of depression and mania. Because it is a lifelong battle, it’s easy to lose motivation and think about giving up along the way. I can help show you there is a way to a more stable life and managing mood better.

As a psychologist with over 10 years of clinical practice specialising in Bipolar Disorder (BD) I can help you navigate the often confusing world of medications, psychiatrists, and the up-and-down mood cycles common to the disorder. I will help you to understand what Bipolar Disorder is and provide sound support and guidance for developing the necessary coping skills to manage and lessen its impact upon your life.

The Bipolarity approach will help you to

  • Reduce the recurrence and severity of your symptoms
  • Understand your early warning signs and triggers for episodes
  • Understand your medication regime
  • Address sleeping difficulties
  • Utilise exercise and nutrition to your advantage
  • Explore your attitude to diagnosis and work towards acceptance
  • Work through your grief and perceived losses with the disorder
  • Help rebuild your sense of self
  • Foster a support network
  • Help you develop a “Stay Well Plan” for the rest of your life!

I invite you to start a conversation with me today via email or call for an obligation free discussion about your needs on (02) 9331 7546.

You’ll receive professional support that is warm, confidential and judgement-free.

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